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Our Mission

St. Martin's Early Learning Center provides a Christ-centered education that reaches out to the community and assists families in nurturing lifelong disciples of Christ.


We provide a high-quality Christian education. In this Christian setting, students and parents are given opportunities to serve the Lord by leading lives that reflect their faith in Jesus as their Savior. Students and parents are also encouraged to stand firm in their faith through the power and grace of God's Word.

Home: Our Mission
Kids in Preschool

 Spiritual Growth

- To learn that Jesus is their Savior

-To learn that Jesus loves them

- To learn of God's love through Bible stories, songs and prayer

-To respond to God's love in everyday life

Physical Growth

-To appreciate likeness and differences in God's children

- To observe simple health and safety procedures

-To develop small and large motor control and coordination

Intellectual Growth

-To learn that their abilities are a gift from God

-To practice and enjoy learning

-To make and express choices, plans and decisions

-To develop language skills

-To experience using different materials in a variety of ways

Social/Emotional Growth

-To grow in their ability to interact with peers, adults and their environment

-To work and play individually and cooperatively

-To grow in Christian love, respect and empathy for others

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